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It took me much longer then expected to even get this working.. Tinderbox commenting and documentation are… sparse… to say the least.  That and my love for Perl is particularly minimalistic which makes things ever so much harder as usual.

Sadly its not yet usable as it only displays one log per tree, and not per build machine as was planned.  I debated refactoring some of the tinderbox code to do what I needed only to find that it was far far far to heavily embedded to consider removing.

Without furter ado, here’s a screenshot:



Exiting no? Yes you’re right, not really. But you would be surprised at how frustratingly long this took to do! Now it’s time for Round 2.  The current code is available on the Tinderbox front end wiki page.


Well.. with this release I’ve worked out a lot of kinds in the front end code for tinderbox. I’m hoping that the front end will be informative in its current state and that people will be able to get good use out of it. So without further a due, here’s a quick screen shot.

Tinderbox with color

The amount of trees and build machines is.. lacking.. to say the least. I’m working on a local machine and its quite annoying having to manually send 30 email every few hours to create a realistic working environment.

As soon as the perl code is committed to the real tinderbox project I will be able to use live data. Then it will be grand!

After a few nights of trying to learn the jist of Ajax, JSON, and JavaScript I’ve finally got a working version of the Tinderbox front page that is generated dynamically.

To make this all work there were a few modifications that were made to  This allowed me to output a list of Tinderbox trees in JSON which was not previously implemented.  Afterwards, the index.html page has some JavaScript that parses the JSON output as I need it.

All in all, it works!

Tinderbox 0.3a Release

All in all, it was an interesting experience working with Perl and JavaScript again, I’d forgotten the power of them both.. but mostly JavaScript as I’m a PHP guy myself!

This blog at WordPress will be detailing my Mozilla affairs as they come. I may eventually move the blog to my own site, however, that is currently not a reliable option therefore why it’s found here. Another site of interest is my Seneca wiki page  (with currently nothing of interest to note).