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Well, as I finish off my last year here at Seneca College with my friends some would think that our time with Mozilla might be done.  Personally, I don’t think you can get rid of me that easily.  The more rigid release schedules may slow down but my involvement with the open source world is never done (at least not anymore).

After I see my code get into Tinderbox I think I’ll go lean towards a more interesting hobby of mine which is xen virtualization.  Start dabbling in that again as there are quite a few possibilities to explore like VMGL (OpenGL drivers which allow for native fps on virtualized images.  Currently only at OpenGL1.5) or there still being the lack of a management interface to control VMs.

All-in-all, I’ve had a great time working for Mozilla and I think I’ve found a niche for myself in this vast world of software.


Well another release comes with more waiting time from the review team from tinderbox.  Despite clearly stating in a few FAQs on bugzilla not to contact people directly with email I’ve reached an impass.. Looks like some of my code waiting for review on the Make showbuilds.cgi more informative bug hasn’t been touched in almost a month..

I have newer code that I’m debaiting just checking in at this stage.  I’ve held back mainly because I didn’t want to add futher complexity to my already questionable code review (you never know with Tinderbox really).

On another note I’ve updated/fixed/fine tuned another tinderbox release.  All information, as usual, is available at for review.  New features include:

  • Smoothed out UI by relocated links to make a more vertically compact layout.
  • Bugfix: build machine log files were only displayed for first build machine in tree.

I also introduce comment support today as well.. Look for it in a few hours.  I just have a few bugs to quash and all will be well.