The fron tend for Tinderbox will now be based off of the first draft that I posted for it.  Ever.  I’m now using cls’s Tinderbox example and just shoving all of the good looks into that little package.  It’s even possible that CSS will make it into this release as long as it passes the tests.

Testing is done by browsing the site using elinks.  If all looks good then it’s possible I’ll be in the clear.  I’m also debating about dusting off my old home server and slapping Tinderbox on it so users can view my work.  The challenge isn’t the install as much as it is the relatively delicate and long install process of Tinderbox.  But it will get done.

After I have Tinderbox available publicly again I’ll have some easy contrib work to do!  Basically consists of elinks + browsing my work to ensure there are no bugs, errors, or the like.