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Well.. After using cls’s demo as a starting point I’ve built up the tinderbox front end to look like my original designs release way back. Except now it’s not using json but is generated using Perl code directly in Here’s the work:


It looks good in elinks too (mind you there is no color though) so I’m hoping with a few more tweaks the changes will be close to done.

Though I’d still like to see a few more things added to the front page while I have it in my possession. For example, I’d like to add a link to log files generated during builds as well. The current setup of the front page also overwrites the existing showbuilds.cgi default. I’m not sure if this is a good idea up front because people may not want or may not be expecting a front page change.. Therefore I’m assuming putting a link from showbuilds.cgi to the new front page may be a better idea until the page is better adopted by the public.

This release also uses some CSS!  Therefore users will be able to craft their own stylesheets to  make tinderbox look as they please…


The fron tend for Tinderbox will now be based off of the first draft that I posted for it.  Ever.  I’m now using cls’s Tinderbox example and just shoving all of the good looks into that little package.  It’s even possible that CSS will make it into this release as long as it passes the tests.

Testing is done by browsing the site using elinks.  If all looks good then it’s possible I’ll be in the clear.  I’m also debating about dusting off my old home server and slapping Tinderbox on it so users can view my work.  The challenge isn’t the install as much as it is the relatively delicate and long install process of Tinderbox.  But it will get done.

After I have Tinderbox available publicly again I’ll have some easy contrib work to do!  Basically consists of elinks + browsing my work to ensure there are no bugs, errors, or the like.

Well, it seems that the over hasty plans for using JSON output on the Tinderbox application may not end up being realized.  The main reasons being the usual assortment: security issues, Tinderbox becoming too complex, speed issues, and demand being low for the feature.

The JSON feature will be dropped in hopes of accomplishing the primary goal of building the new user front end.  Since the HTML will not change that will not need to be rewritten.  However, the AJAX/JS will be dropped to provide a static front end.

Well.. with this release I’ve worked out a lot of kinds in the front end code for tinderbox. I’m hoping that the front end will be informative in its current state and that people will be able to get good use out of it. So without further a due, here’s a quick screen shot.

Tinderbox with color

The amount of trees and build machines is.. lacking.. to say the least. I’m working on a local machine and its quite annoying having to manually send 30 email every few hours to create a realistic working environment.

As soon as the perl code is committed to the real tinderbox project I will be able to use live data. Then it will be grand!