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Well, construction of the Tinderbox UI moves forward.. I’m still working out some details but all in all things more forward.

I should be releasing some new contribution ideas shortly so stay tuned for that as well.


Well, after a bit of silence due to the Christmas break I’ll finish rolling out my Tinderbox improvements.  There is not much left to do in terms of the front page aesthetics, however, there are still a few more ideas that I would like to apply.

One idea being the ability to parse Tinderbox information in a more efficient manner.  This could include placing Mozilla build information into tables, graphs, and other more readily readable formats.  As it stands now, gathering and analyzing large amounts of information is very time consuming.  There is no one location that a user could go to gather the information and is forced to check each build individually.  This should all change with the introduction of my concept which will localize information into a singular page or area.

My Tinderbox front end code has been slightly delayed for release because of the joys of UNIX! It’s always a surprise working with UNIX and I guess today was no different. After accidentally hibernating my computer running the regular Ubuntu kernel and rebooting it into the XEN Ubuntu kernel things got a little messy.  I’m surprised there was no safeguard against this as it caused all hibernated programs to immediately segfault and lockup my computer.  Upon restart the fdsk utility promptly repaired about four thousand broken files, links, and other things (which is NEVER good).  But as mentioned, the data was still solid and intact..