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The Free Software and Open Source Symposium this past week was an interesting experience for all who attended. With speakers ranging from IBM CEO’s and Microsoft directors to long time teachers on the subject, it seems that there was a place for everyone during this event.

The goals of FSOSS are simple. Gather the greatest minds that drive open source and listen to their ideas and theories on where it’s taken us and where it will. Its a guaranteed great learning experience for people at all computer skill levels.

A few organizations that attended FSOSS as speakers include Facebook, Mozilla, IBM, Microsoft, Open Office, Source Forge, Drupal, Miro.. the list could really go on.. check out the FSOSS 2007 Agenda for a detailed list.

For the measly price of $40 dollars to pre register it is quite a “steal” in terms of educational and informational value. It was also really close for me being in the Toronto area (Just over at York U). The speakers, however, flew in from various parts of North America to talk here so I believe I got my moneys worth on this one.

A highly recommended symposium to anyone hacking away at code and is interested in open source or how you can get involved. (+ you get free lunch too! :).


Well, with a lot of help from the Mozilla community and especially Rob Helmer I’ve finally got a 0.1 to show for it. Its a index page for Tinderbox for those of you who don’t know. Here’s a screen shot snippet:

Tinderbox 0.1 Release

You can find the full screenshot and files at Bug #366784 for viewing / downloading. Now, it’s not exactly beautiful code and I had to make some compromises in terms of code flexebility.. but its here none the less. Nothing that can’t be “cleaned” later.

Well, its actually been submitted for review! So soon you might even see this as the default tinderbox index. (Which I find quite cool) To be able to see your work actually fit into the grand scheme of things like this gives me a good feeling. Like I’ve actually done something worthwhile. 🙂

Feedback always welcome!

Well, I’ve been in contact with Rob Helmer about redoing (or should I just say DOING) an index.html page for the server. As it sits right now tinderbox redirects your to showbuilds.cgi which is a huge and ugly list of trees available for viewing..

What the new index page will provide is a user friendly look at these trees that is useful to the developers using them. Bug 366784 deals with the topic talked about and has the following example by Rob Helmer:

Example Tinderbox layout

This example will be expanded and consist of multiple rows and columns showing tinderbox check in information much more pleasantly. I’ll go about building this page using panels that each trees generates dynamically, probably using iFrames or the like. Ideas are welcome for iFrame alternatives or server performance ideas.. (since this page will be pulling quite some info)